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Deposit of Taif University Journal of Humanities

Deposit of Taif University Magazine No . 18

Deposit of Taif University Journal of Humanities

​The admission of Taif University Journal of Humanities from the 12 to 17 . 

Deposit of the University Agency manuals

 Deposit  of the  University Agency manuals in Arabic Languages

Depositing the manuals of the University Agency for Planning Development and community Service

Depositing  the  manuals of  the University Agency for  Planning Development and community Service in both Arabic and English Languages.   

Depositing the manuals of the University Agency for Academic Affairs and Development

Depositing of University  manuals for Academic Affairs and Development in both Arab and English Languages.

Deposit of Taif University Journal of Humanities

​The admission of Taif University Journal of Humanities from the first issue to the eleventh issue . 

A symposium at Taif University discusses the literature of the journey and its cultural heritage through its historical and societal interactions

A symposium organized by the University of Taif on Monday presented some of the depth of the Arabic library of high-value works in the literature of trips and its cultural heritage, as a science independent of other sciences, and a unique color of literature, where history mixed with the journey. And traditions of societies. Moroccan critic Dr. Shuaib Halifi presented a research paper entitled "The Journey as a Cultural Text", in which cultural heritage has been defined as all cultural practices associated with man, history and society since ancient times. Dr. Halifi said: "The need was urgent in the beginnings of the Arab society, for such a color of literature, which reduces the intersections of humanitarian research and conflict and interaction and knowledge, and chronicles the Arab heritage of poetry and scattering. He pointed out that the beginnings of the literature of the journey did not find a form to exist except with the maturity of society, and the need of the Islamic State to trade trips, such as the Silk Road to China and other, as well as diplomatic trips, as Ibn Fadlan's trip to the king of the Russian Skeleta messenger of the Abbasid caliphate, The spirit of the journey, considered by Russian historians - so far - one of the most important historical texts that dealt with the details of that period, as well as the writings of Idrissi, Abu Hamid Granati, Shams al-Din Maqdisi, Ibn Jubair, Ibn Battuta, Ibn Khaldun, and others.

An academic at the University of Taif acquires a patent in the field of medical chemistry.

Faculty member of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Taif University, Dr. Hani Al-Deeb, obtained a patent in the field of medical chemistry using nanotechnology. Dr. Al-Deeb obtained the patent after the success of the production of new chemical compounds, and in economical and innovative ways and environment friendly, and makes it easier for companies and medical bodies to manufacture them at cheap prices. The patent obtained by the faculty member of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Taif University was published and published at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (WO 2017/115321 A1). This discovery is one of the most important medical discoveries, as studies have shown the high efficacy of the discovered therapeutic materials and their toxicity. The "small" technique used opens up new opportunities in implantable delivery systems, which are often favored with injected drugs. The targeted drug reduces drug consumption and treatment costs, thus contributing to a comprehensive social benefit by reducing the cost of a care system Public health. Dr. Al-Deeb praised the research achievements of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Taif University, with the support of the university's director Dr. Hossam bin Abdulwahab Zaman. He stressed that Taif University's interest in the research aspect is a reflection of the objectives of its Taif initiative, which aims at making Taif Governorate a pivotal and influential role in development through achieving community development and upgrading it to the highest standards in accordance with the overall quality standards. He pointed out that the University's research efforts aim to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation Program (2020) and the vision of the Kingdom (2030) to make investment in the knowledge economy one of the pillars of the national economy by supporting and encouraging scientific research to stimulate the economy by transforming its outputs into products And local and international investment opportunities.

The new university system Taef University will only increase its strength and make its future better

The Director of Taif University Dr. Hossam bin Abdulwahab Zaman said that the implementation of the new university system will not only increase the university but it is confident that the future will be better for it as an institution, as well as for its employees. In an open dialogue with the administrative and technical cadres of the University of Taif, Dr. Zaman emphasized the need for the university to start implementing a full institutional transformation project, which will transfer it from the culture of government bureaucracy to a culture of efficiency, performance development and excellence in discipline and productivity. He pointed out that this does not prevent the University's initiative to implement its own development initiatives, activate the proposed initiatives of its employees in this regard, and dissolve it. All in one project is the institutional transformation project. As for the possibility of women assuming leadership positions at the University of Taif, Dr. Zaman said: "The University's policy goes according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030 to empower Saudi women in academic and administrative careers." He added: "What has been achieved so far in the university promising and promising, and there is nothing to prevent any employee to take the post of director of the Department, and to manage the work of the female students, while the assistant man works in the students, especially as the new technology facilitates the completion of work from any site, Stressing that he is waiting for nominations for female employees worthy of holding leadership positions to activate this step.